Video: Rickey Gadson builds an H2 drag bike

Rickey Gadson has already started customizing a Kawasaki H2, and he claims he’s wowed by the bike.

If you don’t know Gadson’s name, it’s probably because you don’t follow drag racing. He’s a multiple world title-winning drag racer from the USA. He normally pilots a Kawasaki ZX-14, so you can expect he’s already a big fan of Team Green, but he seems to be quite taken with the H2.

Gadson says he brought an H2 home in October and he’s been messing with it ever since, creating the bike seen below. In stock form, he says the H2 (with an H2R exhaust and ECU tuning) out-performs his stock ZX-14 by 11 mph, and if we’re to believe anyone about numbers like this, we’d believe Gadson. He knows how to put the rubber to the asphalt.

Gadson calls his custom H2 the H2 Hybrid; we assume that’s because he’s splicing H2 and H2R parts to create a machine that’s legal in drag racing’s Real Street class. You can read more about his adventures aboard the bike here.


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