New book from Chris Scott

Chris Scott has a new book out, one that doesn’t focus on adventure riding.

Scott’s not as well-known in North America, but in Europe and particularly the UK, he’s considered one of the forerunners of the modern era of adventure riding. He’s written extensively about traveling off-road, particularly through the Sahara. His Adventure Motorcycling Handbook is particularly noted as a classic, as well as Sahara Overland.

His latest book, though, isn’t a how-to about the intricacies of navigating the dunes of Morocco. Titled Adventures in Motorcycling, this book is more of an autobiography, detailing Scott’s adventures as a dispatch rider in London during the 1980s. You can read a bit more about its contents here – sounds fun!

Scott’s original books inspired many adventure riders, including well-known people like Austin Vince and Simon and Lisa Thomas. Maybe this book will inspire a generation of dispatch riders? If only email and the fax hadn’t been invented …

It’s already available on Amazon in Kindle edition, but we don’t have any word on paperback or hardback availability yet. But, Kindle availability means you can buy it now, and buy it on the cheap. That’s a win-win.


    • I’ve met Chris. He’s a solid guy who, while a key member of the European ADV renaissance, is not caught up with hp numbers, etc.

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