Gear test: Olympia Horizon Rain Suit


The suit I was sent was on the large size to say the least, but the jacket worked out OK. It cinches up at the sides and wrists well and is easy to get on and off.

The pants are a bit comical though as they have to go all the way up to my armpits to clear my boots! Since there are no suspenders they inevitably work their way down, so you end up walking on the cuffs. I asked Olympia for the next size down which they promptly sent. These fit better, but were still very long in the leg.

Pants have a generous overlap to give plenty of room to put on over boots.

Otherwise there’s generous room in the legs that make putting them on over boots a non-issue (very important) and the cinching system on the legs tighten them up snug though you’re wearing jodhpurs, as the upper section remains quite baggy.

The jacket has a built-in helmet-friendly hood that can be worn in use and helps prevent water flowing down your back (which it does do without it). Wear it off the bike when you have to nip out of the motel room to the local takeout on a wet night, and it does make you look a bit like a medieval peasant, if they were into motorcycles.

I really like the ability of this gear to remain compact and both pieces come with their own built-in stowaway pockets to keep them compact. They’re also pretty light and very bright, which is good for safety (and especially important in the rain).


Jacket is bright and functional
Jacket is bright and functional

Despite hearing nothing but good things about Olympia gear (Zac swears by the stuff he’s tried) I wasn’t impressed with the Horizon suit. Every time I used the pants in the rain I ultimately ended up with a wet bum. I checked to ensure there were no obvious breaches of fitment, but my arse still got wet. Not soaking mind you, but definitely wet.

Jacket pocket came unstitched and tore, which was one of three issues we had with it.
Jacket pocket came unstitched and tore, which was one of three issues we had with it.

As for the jacket, though it remained waterproof, it did suffer from some quality control issues. After a summer of relatively light use, I noticed a very small around the stitching on the right-hand jacket pocket. Also, the mid-arm cinch strap on the right has almost pulled out from the stitching. And then there’s the elasticated cord for the stowaway pocket, which has come out at one end so the pocket can no longer be sealed up.


Ultimately waterproofs must be waterproof and though the jacket did the job, the pants did not. I’m not impressed with the build quality either — something that seems unusual for Olympia — but we can only test what we have. As a result, the Horizon suit is a fail.

The Horizon suit is available in five unisex sizes – Petite, XS/S, M/L, XL/2XL and 3/4XL, in either black or black/neon yellow. Jacket is US$89.99, and US$79.99 for the pants. More info at Olympia’s website here.


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