Backcountry Discover Routes announces membership plan

If you’re an avid adventure rider, you’ve probably heard of Backcountry Discovery Routes and their helpful maps. Now, you can be a part of the organization.

Backcountry Discovery Routes is a non-profit group that puts together routes for dual-sport and adventure travel. So far, their routes have all been in the US in areas like Utah, Colorado and Arizona – adventure-riding meccas. Their maps are highly regarded and seem to be very well received by the adventure riding community. They even produce feature-length documentary films that tell the story of the route they plan.

BDR even has a route that goes through Washington state, so their planned routes are easily accessible by many Canadians.

Of course, with much of the US land mass falling under private ownership instead of government ownership, it’s getting harder to ride off-road without encountering restrictions. It also costs quite a bit of money to put these routes together. So, BDR is opening a membership plan; riders can sign up and their fees (we’re not sure how much it will cost) will help support BDR’s work.

Members will be able to access a number of industry deals through their BDR membership; it sounds as if it’s similar to CAA, but for adventure motorcyclists. Presumably, that means discounts on adventure riding gear through off-road-friendly retailers or manufacturers.

There are supposed to be more details released on BDR’s website here (they’re closely affiliated with Butler Maps), but we weren’t able to find any more info. If you’re interested, keep an eye on the site. We’d love to see some Can Con in a BDR route!

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