Europe gets V-Strom 1000 Desert Edition

Suzuki is showing a slightly tweaked version of their V-Strom 1000 over in Europe, calling it the Desert Edition.

The Desert Edition is based on the V-Strom 1000 Adventure, but with a military-style paint scheme, in case you wanted to go with the Norman Schwarzkopf look. To help you navigate from dune to dune, Suzuki includes a Garmin 590 GPS system as standard equipment. There’s also a set of hard bags, crash bars, LED lighting, centrestand and heated grips – all stuff that adventure riders want when headed out.

However, the Desert Edition still sports a set of cast wheels, instead of spoked rims. That’s going to hold it back from any serious off-roading, or at least greatly restrict dirt capability. On Suzuki’s V-Strom site, the marketeers promise “All Adventure. No Compromises,” but compromise will always be essential to the adventure bike experience.

We’ve just started seeing reports of this bike in the Euro market this morning, so there’s no word yet on Canadian availability. There’s also no word as to whether there will be a Desert Edition of the V-Strom 650. Suzuki’s UK website says the Desert Edition will only be available in limited numbers, so it’s quite possible it’s a special they put together for their market with no intentions of bringing it here.


  1. This looks exactly like my bike (the SE) but with a Garmin and the accessory lower cowling…plus some other accessories that are already available here. Even the colour is already here. But you’re right, it’s not really off road ready without spoked rims…also a proper bash plate, crash bars and 50/50 tires. And if they really wanted to make a serious adventure version, shorter gearing would be a huge plus. Compared to my old 650 I find first gear is a bit tall even for downtown Toronto traffic, much less the trails.

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