Honda reaches 300 million motorcycle mark

Just how big is Big Red? Big enough to build 300 million motorcycles to date.

Honda has announced they’ve reached another manufacturing milestone, by building 300 million bikes since they started mass production of motorcycles with the Honda 98cc Dream Type-D, way back in 1949 in Japan. The bike built to reach the 300,000,000 milestone was a Gold Wing, fittingly enough – it’s been a stalwart in their lineup since the mid-70s. Still, it would have been nice to see a step-through reach the mark, as the iconic Super Cub was arguably the machine that chipped their first solid foothold in western markets, back in the 1960s.

Since then, Honda has expanded around the globe, reaching every market with their products, from MotoGP to mud huts. Want a balls-to-the-wall superbike? Honda’s got you covered. Want a retro standard? Honda builds that. Want an anime-inspired motorcycle with DCT transmission? Honda has one in the lineup. Want a small-capacity commuter that you can use to haul six kids, a basket of bananas and three or four goats to market? Honda builds that too.

Their product line includes some of the world’s most affordable transportation, to some of the world’s least affordable transportation. They have 32 factories building motorcycles and ATVs in 22 countries – you don’t make hundreds of millions of motorcycles without a lot of infrastructure.

“This incredible milestone is the result of the millions of customers who have placed their trust in Honda and we would like to thank all of our customers, associates, dealers and community partners in North America for helping make it possible,” said Jerry Chenkin, Honda Canada’s CEO and president.


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