S&S to release new 162-hp motor for drop-in swaps to Harley-Davidsons

Want a Bigger Twin? US-based aftermarket engine gurus S&S are about to drop a new 2343 cc motor on the market, and it’s boasting some impressive numbers.

The T143 motor is a direct swap for stock Harley-Davidson touring frames from 2008 and newer. Take out your tired made-in-Milwaukee motor (or wherever they’re building them these days), and drop in the T143, and you’re off to the races. Literally. This motor supposedly puts out 162.1 rear wheel horsepower, with 151.6 ft-lb of torque.

Now, with all that power comes great responsibility, as Uncle Ben told Peter Parker. S&S is going to great lengths to stress that this motor is not for everybody – it’s inputting a lot of power into a chassis and drivetrain that might not necessarily be intended for that much stress, so you might want to think about upgrading brakes, or your transmission, or your tires, and so on.

The company warns that engine life won’t be as long as you’d find on a more docile motor, like the stock engine your bike came with. Higher performance comes at a price (an MSRP over$9,000 USD, actually – suggested accessories, like an induction kit and exhaust, race the price even further).

How did S&S design a 2343 cc motor to fit into a stock H-D touring frame? It seems they spent extra time designing the rocker boxes to fit into the MoCo chassis. Whether the motor will easily fit into other Harley-Davidson platforms isn’t clear, but we’re guessing some custom bike builders are already planning to fit it into other chassis.

Want more details on the motor? Check out the S&S website.


  1. Haha. It sounds like a great new toy for all the “bad boy” lawyers and orthodontists. I’ll keep a careful lookout for their shredded drive belts lying in the fast lane.

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