MotoGP sees growing crowds

More people are watching MotoGP. At least, more people are going to MotoGP races.

While it continues to be hard to find on North American TV, more fans showed to watch the races in person this year than ever before. According to MotoGP’s figures, 2.47 million fans attended MotoGP events this year. Of the 18 races, 14 drew more than 100,000 fans.

The biggest race? Brno drew 240,695, and Jerez was close, at 229,416. The Sachsenring race drew 209,408, and Valencia drew 197,000. The lowest race was, unsurprisingly, Qatar, at 17,890 fans. Somewhat more surprising was the fact that the Motegi event in Japan only drew 70,271.

This is the tenth consecutive year that MotoGP drew over 200,000 fans; last year’s races drew 2,433,763.

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