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When it comes to speed-obsessed madmen, Colin Furze is a longtime Friday Fudge hero, thanks to his pulsejet-powered bicycle (and his homemade Wall of Death, and his world’s fastest mobility scooter, etc., etc.)

However, Furze has a long way to go before he catches up with the lunatic in the video below. Watch it, and see Frenchman François Gissy hit 333 kph on a rocket-powered bicycle, completely blowing the doors off a Ferrari sports car in the process.

This mad speed record is not enough for Gissy, though! He hopes to hit 400 kph on a rocket-powered bike. Still, we think we might start calling him Gissy the Sissy, despite his mad speed record. After all, Furze rides his rocket-powered bike wearing only office attire – no full leathers for Furze! Gissy really wimped out, wearing full leathers and a helmet!

Lowes helps out

Is your significant other pestering you to take care of chores around the house? Would you rather be off riding, squeezing one of the last days of the season in? Lowes says you can do both! Sadly, we suspect this service isn’t free.

Film work

There’s blaxsploitation film. There’s even bikesploitation film. But now, from what we can tell about this movie’s Vimeo description, there’s a new sub-genre that we are going to have to call Wall-of-Deathsploitation. Just listen to the description of this film, with trailer below:

“She was the star of the legendary family of circus nomads. The princess on the wall. Now 42 year old grandmother of six, Brankica is stuck in the perverted world of Balkan country fairs, repeating the same life-threatening motorcycle tricks on the sidewalls of the 6 meters wide wooden barrel.”

Sounds like a film Quentin Tarantino would back, for sure!

The trailer itself doesn’t seem to show anything too creepy, though. Maybe there’s a werewolf or something planned for the actual movie, or maybe the video description was a case of bad Google Translate work.

Megaphone man

Motorcycles have long been denigrated as death-dealing devices. But in the third world, they are a tool used by health care workers to save the lives of many. Now, one man from the African country of Mali is taking things one step further.

Ibrahim Sacko, who’s a traditional storyteller (known as a griot), has outfitted his moped with a megaphone. He’s using the machine to ride from village to village, spreading warnings about the ebola virus. Too bad we can’t persuade all the loud-pipes-save-lives crowd to do the same – cork up their mufflers, and add a PA system instead, riding around telling the public about safety hazards.

60 Seconds on Earth: Fighting ebola with one megaphone at a time from GlobalPost on Vimeo.

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