Overland Adventure Rally returns for 2015

I really, really miss my six fiddy. Time to piece it together this winter!

Lawrence Hacking’s Overland Adventure Rally will return once again for 2015, the former Dakar racer announced this week.

Hacking said his rally will once more run at the  Mohawk Inn and KOA Campground next year, on July 3-5, in Campbellville, Ontario. This is the third year for the OAR; attendance doubled between the first and second years, and Hacking expects more growth this time again.

Want more details? Hacking will surely be making more press releases in the future, but he’s also going to appear at the grand re-opening of Dual Sport Plus tomorrow. There are lots of other good reasons to go  (door prizes, etc), but Hacking won’t just be doing promotional work – he’ll also be talking about Rally Mongolia in the rider’s lounge at 2:30 p.m.

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