EICMA – the other marques

I think we’ve covered about everything new and important at this year’s EICMA show, but what about some of the more obscure product that I found in my two days of ramblings through the six halls that is Europe’s largest motorcycle show?

Some ‘unobtanium’ but also some new models/brands that we were told would find their way here before too long. Here’s the beef:


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere was a period when Italian-now-Chinese brand Benelli were available in Canada, but alas, it was poorly marketed and short lived. I say alas because Benelli’s triples and sexy styling have much potential, and they had a rather nice new adventure bike at the stand, called the Amazonas. Yes, big and heavy, but interesting none-the-less.

Sadly when pressed, the Benelli rep confirmed that they have no plans to return to Canada anytime soon.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWith Beta getting a new importer for Canada, we’re expecting some interesting new products to arrive shortly and were pleasantly surprised to see an Alp 4.0 dual sport and M4 motard combo that use a classic 349 cc air-cooled single motor in an equally classic chassis. Weight is 133 kg for both bikes with the dualie getting 21″/18″ wheels and the motard 17 inchers.

Unfortunately they are not part of the next wave of imports, but a good simple 350 bike would be a good addition – some day.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAItalian CNC machining and 3D printer firm CRP have spun off an electric motorcycle manufacturer Energica, who were at EICMA with its Ego electric superbike (due early 2015) and the new Eva, which is a stripped down version.

These are serious bikes with 136hp / 143 lbs-ft from their motors and a max range of 190km (@60 km/h), dropping down to 150 km (at 80 km/h) and 100 km at the more realistic 100 km/h mark. They also come with four riding modes; standard, eco, rain and sport.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Ego will head to the States and Canada at a price of US$34,000 and will be accompanied by a high spec version (Ohlins, carbon fibre, etc) at a heady US$68,000, so not an option for your average sport bike rider then.


A French firm that produces some lovely classically styled 125 to 400 cc air-cooled singles.

The motors appear to be Chinese copies of Japanese motors (the 250 is a Suzuki and it looks like the 400 is a Honda), but quality and attention to detail are all there.

Update – We just heard from Scott at Cleveland CycleWerks who said that “the Mash 125cc and 250cc bikes are all Cleveland CycleWerks Aces, private labeled as Mash.  The bikes you are referring to are in fact custom versions of our stock bikes.”


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt first glance I thought this was a Piaggio MP3 as it spun around in circles in a demo area between two of the six large halls of EICMA, then I saw the extra wheel. Quadro is a Swiss-based firm that make both three-wheeled and four-wheeled scooters.

The bikes use a hydraulic tilting system that allows all the wheels to tilt simultaneously so the bikes lean but are very stable to boot. The model range consists of two options (both 346 cc singles) and includes the ‘S’  three wheeler  and the ‘4’ , which is pretty much the same as the S but with two rear wheels, both driven.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShort form for the slightly odd name of Speedy Working Motors, this Italian firm originated from the seventies but has recently been born again with six street and off-road bikes with engine size between 300 and 650 cc.

The street bikes follow a modern classic styling, in roadster and scrambler guise, with the dirt option looking very much like a Husqvarna. Of course, we wanted to know whether they planned to come to North America, so we emailed them and got this in return:

The SWM planning is to complete the engine homologation (approval) for Europe between February and March, than it will takes few month to have those for US and Canada to permit to sell the bikes there. Up to now we are currently negotiating with some distributors to sell SWM Motorcycles on United States and Canada, but it still a bit early to know who will make the job.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis firm is already being imported to Canada but with the pretty low capacity format Wolf 150  and a 200 cc scooter. What grabbed my eye at its EICMA stand is the new Wolf 300 Cafe Racer, which is actually powered by a 278 cc liquid-cooled single.

It’s an interesting take on the café racer with cast wheels and the l/c motor, which I think works (save for the left side that is obscured by some plastic boxes). With 300 being the new 250, it might be a good time for Sym Canada to add this to its inventory.

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