Dainese sold to investment firm

Motorcycle safety equipment manufacturer Dainese has been sold to an investment firm for $162 million.

Although their gear isn’t cheap, Dainese’s products are known for quality and innovation. The company’s founder (Lino Dainese) brought essential equipment like knee sliders and back protectors to market, and the company has also been at the forefront of motorcycle airbag innovation in recent years. They also own the AGV helmet brand, which has improved its quality since they bought it.

Now, though, the company that Lino Dainese built will still bear his name, but will belong to someone else. Investcorp, who owns pieces of everything from jewelry conglomerates to truck parts manufacturers, has bought the majority of the company, leaving the founder a minority share. Mr. Dainese will still remain with the company, though, and the press release says he still plans to be involved with the development of new products.

That’s good news. Editor ‘Arris and myself have both used their gear in recent years and found it to be excellent. It would be terrible to see a company that’s renowned for quality product see their core values of excellence degraded in favour of profit margins, and we’re guessing Mr. Dainese will help stave that off.


  1. Beginning of the end for Dainese. Investment firms care about one thing…short term return on investment for shareholders. Not much room for passionate product development in that boardroom! A shame, really.

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