KTM 1050 Adventure: Accessible ADV thrills, but not for Canada

KTM unveiled their 1050 Adventure at EICMA today, but there’s bad news: You can’t buy one.

It has nothing to do with the price tag (13150 Euros). It’s that KTM North America won’t be bringing the machine to our market, maybe because there’s already so many KTM adventure bikes for sale here.

So why did they build the bike? It’s likely to sell well in bike-mad Europe on its own merits, but when you consider the bike can be legally restricted to 48 hp (it makes 95 hp in stock form, with 77.4 ft-lb of torque), then it makes a little more sense. At that power rating, beginning riders can use the machine on a learner’s licence. Surprise, surprise – KTM says they’ll offer a kit with the new machine that detunes it to learner-legal levels.

The 1050 Adventure weighs 212 kg at the curb (without fuel). ABS, traction control and ride-by-wire throttle are standard – no word on whether that’s Bosch’s cornering ABS system or not, but it does have an off-road mode and you can turn the system off for dirt riding. There’s also a traction control system that can be switched off when riding in the dirt.

The motor is KTM’s LC8 V-twin, with six-speed transmission and slipper clutch.

A set of WP-sourced 43 mm USD shocks takes care of suspension up front, and there’s a WP monoshock in rear. There’s 185 mm of travel in the front suspension, and 190 mm of travel in the rear. The frame is chrome-moly steel.

Brembo provides braking, with dual 320 mm disc brakes up front and radial-mount four-piston calipers. A single two-piston caliper works in conjunction with a 267 mm disc in back.

Seat height is 850 mm, and fuel capacity is 23 litres, with 3.5 litres of reserve.


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  1. A 1050 twin reduced to 48hp, hahaha do they take a piston out? But really, Who says “I’m looking for the lowest power to weight ratio, AND I want to pay an un-necessarily high insurance premium for my first bike?” Well, other than the Harley crowd anyway 😉

    • Probably the newb who wants to pose at Starbucks and not have people make fun of his beginner bike. ADV wannabes are fast becoming the new Harley crowd in some areas, I fear.

      • I`m afraid that you might well be right. On the other end it is good for someone who doesn’t want to spend money on a smaller displacement bike and have to upgrade later once he/she has the appropriate license for a bigger bike , the 1050 can comply with the A2 license rule and be derestricted once you have your full license. But for the North American market it is less of an issue .

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