Yamaha R1M: An upscale R1

Along with the new R1, Yamaha also unveiled the new R1M today.

While the R1 itself features Yamaha’s latest technological advances and is heavily derived from their MotoGP factory bike, the R1M takes it further, with trick bits like a carbon-fibre fairing, an electronic data logger as standard equipment, electronic racing suspension from Ohlins and a wider 200-series rear tire (supposedly specially designed for the bike by Bridgestone).

The aluminum fuel tank and swingarm are polished and clear-coated, as well.

Much of the rest of the bike seems to be identical to the standard R1; power output seems to be the same, as well as the electronics package. The R1M will be available as a limited edition bike with a $22,999 MSRP in Canada.

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