Ducati Multistrada gets serious upgrades

Ducati’s Multistrada has received upgrades that put it on par once more with its competition, at least for street riding.

First off, the variable valve timing Ducati announced last month makes its appearance in the Multistrada. For more details on what that entails, read our piece on it here. Basically, it allows the engine to run at its most efficient settings, with less compromise for fuel consumption. The motor makes 160 hp now, and 100 ft-lb of torque (up from 150 hp and 92 ft-lb).

However, the upgrades go far beyond an improved motor. The Multistrada will get a new stability system. They press release calls it a “Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) which dynamically measures roll, yaw and pitch angles as well as the rate of their change.” With this technology, Ducati was able to incorporate Bosch’s cornering ABS into the Multi, a much-needed upgrade after competitors introduced similar technology last year. The IMU also works in conjunction with the LED headlights to provide cornering beams, a feature only seen on competitors’ streetbikes thus far.

The IMU also means Ducati was able to include an anti-wheelie system, which we suspect nobody ever asked for, except maybe the company lawyers. At least it’s eight-level adjustable, so you can specify just how high you want that front wheel to go before the system cuts in.

The Multistrada also comes with the other electronics the Italian company has been providing to buyers for a while; ride-by-wire power modes, traction control, a height-adjustable seat, and cruise control is standard.

The S model will also come with electronic Skyhook suspension and a Bluetooth module that lets you connect your smartphone to your bike, enabling phone and text message notifications, as well as allowing you to hook into the bike’s multimedia entertainment system – if the ride is getting boring, you can control the multimedia entertainment system by the handlebars. You can also interact with social networks and Ducati.com with this system, just like you’ve always dreamed.


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