New patrol bike from Zero

Zero has announced their 2015 patrol motorcycle lineup, including a new low-price, low-spec model.

While Zero has been best known for being the most affordable electric motorcycle for average consumers in recent years, they’ve also been working hard at cracking the fleet sales market. According to them, they’ve now sold bikes to 30 police departments. Apparently, the coppers like the reduced running costs of the electric bikes.

For 2015, Zero updated their consumer lineup, and since the police bikes are based on those machines, they get the same upgrades. The Zero SP and DSP get more battery range and Bosch ABS, along with fully adjustable Showa suspension in front and rear. Supposedly, the Zero SP now has a 286-km city range when equipped with their accessory battery, although we’re guessing that run time diminishes once you start running your siren and flashing lights.

Zero has also introduced their new FXP, with improved off-road abilities and swappable battery packs. They say this bike is aimed at tougher off-road use, or usage in highly congested urban areas. Apparently there was enough demand for their low-spec FX civilian model that they decided to follow it up with a similar police bike.

If you really think an electric police bike is the next machine you need in your garage, you can find more details on Zero’s lineup here.


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