The perfect Xmas gifts

Are we too early to mention the X word? Yes we are but we did get a couple of simply gorgeous motorcycle calendars sent to us recently which would make the perfect Xmas gift for a two wheel riding loved one.

Calendar number one is the Adventure Motorcycle Calendar 2015 featuring the photography of Gregor Halenda among others, and focusing on the world of the adventure traveller. There’s even a month dedicated to fellow Canuck traveller Rene Cormier (October) and his journey through Kyrgyzstan during his worldly adventures that were serialized in CMG.

Calendar number two is the Bike EXIF Calendar 2015 edited by Chris Hunter. If you don’t already know about the Bike EXIF website, then check it out as they focus on the more interesting customized motorcycles (there’s not a single Harley to be found on the 2015 calendar).
Price for each calendar is $18.99 Canadian and they can be ordered directly from Octane Press.


Click on the main sized pic to transition to the next or just press play to show in a slideshow.


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