Video: Kawasaki H2 in action

copyright CMG
Blended pic of the H2 and H2R showing very little difference.

Blah blah blah interminable Kawasaki H2R marketing campaign.

Blah blah blah 300 horsepower. Blah blah blah supercharger. Blah blah blah funny-looking wings on fairing.

Blah blah blah track use only. Blah blah blah street version to be unveiled at EICMA.

Blah blah blah video below.


  1. I couldn’t say it better.Blah blah blah And for what I heard the street version will be overpriced and not that much powerful than the actual ZX , I would rather just get an aftermarket turbo kit on a ZX-10 or 14 if I was looking for something in this category.

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