Fugitive in fatal crash caught, returned to Canada

A driver convicted of a fatal crash has been returned to Canada after decades on the run.

According to CBC, Robert Fotti ran a red light in 1977 and killed Gordon Hochman and his teenage  son Stewart (who was riding pillion). He went to trial and beat a dangerous driving rap, but the Crown appealed and won. The Supreme Court backed up that decision, and Fotti was handed a nine-month sentence in 1980.

Fotti never showed up for his sentencing hearing and spent years on the run. CBC found him in the US in 1990, but he was never deported until this year. He ran into other legal troubles in the US and spent time in jail down there, and the US finally got around to kicking him out this summer.

Presumably, Fotti will finally get around to serving his sentence now, although Hochman’s family told the CBC it doesn’t change anything at this point, as they’ve moved past the decades-old accident.

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