Suzuki 2015 – Canadian availability & pricing!

We just got confirmation from Suzuki Canada as to which new models are coming to Canada along with their MSRPs.

The good news is that both the GSX-S1000 and 750 are coming. Pricing for the 1000s has yet to be determined as they will be coming in a little later as an early release 2016 and will be available in both faired and naked options with ABS and traction control as standard. The GSX-S750 will be available early next year and cost $8,699 in matt black and $8,999 in blue/white.

The new wired wheeled V-Strom 650 (to be known as theDL650AX over here) will be available in two versions; the bog standard (wire wheels and beak) at $9,599 (that’s $600 more than the cast wheeled standard), and the EXP (which has the bags and all the gubbins from the current EXP Strom but obviously with wire wheels and beak to boot) for $11,399 .

The GW250F (the F standing for Fairing) is also coming to join the naked GW at a price of $4,499, up $300 on the naked), and should be here before the end of 2014.

And finally, the GSX-Rs in fancy Moto GP livery will cost $14,999 for the 1,000, and $13,199 for the 750 and $12,299 for the 600.


  1. I think we’re going to see a lot of people, and not necessarily just first time buyers, going for the 2015 GW250F. At a very reasonable $4,499 you get a full-sized, full-fairing, liquid cooled, 2-up “real” bike with fuel injection, front/rear discs, and a really nice instrument cluster. Not to mention it is great on gas, and the insurance will be affordable.

  2. Here is my opinion. Dual sport bikes ridden at high speed catch a lot of air with a high fender that pulls the bike around. My DRZ does this. Therefor designers put a low fender on to keep debris off the engine but found the bike then looked empty where the fender used to be. They then put a short “faux” fender on to complete the “off road” look. I put a supermoto fender on my DRZ and it stopped being pulled by the wind, but now more muck gets thrown around.

    • I’ll buy that. I added a lower fender to my KLR and it behaves a lot better on the highway without any noticeable downside off road.

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