Jordan Szoke is back!

Jordan Szoke is back on two wheels, winning Round 4 of the ATA Observed Trials Championship.

Szoke was the 2013 Canadian Superbike champ and was looking like he’d take the 2014 series too, until a mid-summer crash at a trials event put Szoke out of the running for that championship, and torpedoed his chance at another trials championship as well, along with other events like the Trials des Nations and Corduroy Enduro.

However, with his broken thumb finally mended, Szoke was able to attend the finale of the ATA Observed Trials series over the weekend, and won by 17 points.

“I wasn’t in much pain while I was riding, although the full movement of my thumb will take some more rehab. I’m just thankful it doesn’t affect me much on the bike. I can hardly wait for next season, I will be back in a large way,” Szoke said. In other words: Watch out, Jodi Christie – Szoke wants his CSBK crown back.

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