Help Simon Pavey race Dakar with his son

People who watched Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor in Long Way Round might remember Simon Pavey, the Dakar rider who trained them for their off-road journey. Now, he’s trying to return to Dakar, and he could use your help.

Pavey is hoping to race the 2015 Dakar with his son Llewellyn. It’s been a long road for them to get there – they had hoped to race together previously, but bad luck and illness meant it never happened. Now, they’re hoping to return as a father-son team, and are trying to raise the £60,000 they reckon is necessary.

So, like everyone else, they’ve turned to crowd-sourcing for their fundraiser efforts. You can view their whole campaign at Indiegogo, but essentially, they’re offering packages from £100 and up, all the way to £10,000; helping them out gets you a piece of their Dakar roadbook for a small contribution, all the way up to a riding holiday that takes you behind the scenes at the Dakar rally, with a bivouac VIP pass and more – details here.

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