Aerostich Transit 2 1

An all-new type of waterproof and breathable leather gear that outperforms traditional leathers. The Aerostich Transit Suit is made from an entirely new material – GORE-TEX® Pro Shell Leather — and provides higher levels of protection and comfort, is completely waterproof (no rain suit needed!) and wears noticeably cooler under a hot sun. The unique built-in hide technology is a breakthrough in toughness and durability, too. An Aerostich Transit suit will last longer than normal leathers and doesn’t soak up moisture so it never gets heavy. Always dries immediately after riding through severe rain. The suit contains a complete set of carefully fitted yet easily removable TF armor systems — elbow, shoulder, knee, hip and back pads — to provide superior impact energy absorption with less movement restriction. And the leather itself is ultra-supple, luxurious and flexible. So no matter what your local riding conditions and plans, or what the immediate climactic situation, you’ll be a lot more protected and comfortable.
Technically, the Transit’s hides contain a new, unique, proprietary solar-reflective pigment that helps the suit wear up to 30º cooler than traditional leather gear, and this same dye technology also assists in ageing resistance so it will last longer than regular leathers. Only the finest cow hides are selected for this complicated processing and tanning technology. During manufacturing, powerful water repellants are added to the hides in two stages — so it’s permanently waterproof. The jacket’s main zipper is an all new molded-tooth waterproof type unlike any you’ve seen, and this zip increases the Transit suit’s everyday convenience and wearing functionality. Millions of micro-vents across the surface of the leather insure that during high activity the moisture on your skin will evaporate right through, even though the suit is worn fully zipped and closed, and, it’s — uh — waterproof. Did we mention that already? The Aerostich Transit Suit is completely waterproof. Yup. Jacket sizes 38–52. Pants sizes 30–44 waist. Imported.

Jacket #248 $797.00
Pants #249 $697.00

•Waterproof, Totally

Except for scuba-diving 
riding under water
Cooler in sun than
regular leathers
Supple, luxurious, top grain 1.2 mm micro-perforated and solid cowhide
Stretch panels of leather and nylon
•Waterproof zippers
Seven pockets, plus the usual Aerostich reflective and back vent
•Jacket zips directly to the pants
Waterproof pant outseam coil zipper for easy use over boots
Comfortable worn as pants (commando…), or as over pants
All hides from formerly emotionally well-adjusted cows