Aerostich releases updated Transit

This Aerostich Transit suit served me well in several rainy tours, but the oversized neck opening would eventually let water in. It's hard to find waterproof leathers like this, and they're expensive, but they are an interesting option if you've got the money. They're especially useful in spring and fall riding.

Aerostich has updated their Transit suit, with better venting and improved zippers.

The Transit 2 takes the original Transit waterproof leather suit and adds zippered vents to the armpits and an improved back vent. It’s still probably not something you want to wear in super-hot weather, but the original was livable with on Canada’s east coast in the summer, and the new version should be even better.

There are a couple other upgrades to the Transit 2; there’s a new pocket on the right forearm, so riders can store change for road tolls (genius!). There’s also a longer pant-to-jacket zipper. It now wraps 270 degrees around the rider’s waist, to keep top and bottom together and improve waterproofing.

Other zippers in the jacket have been swapped for items that offer better waterproofing capability.

CMG readers might remember we tested the original version of this suit over two years and found it very high quality. In fact, I still use it occasionally in cool weather, and it still offers great service.

The Transit 2 uses Gore-Tex Pro Shell Leather and supposedly wears 30 per cent cooler than a standard leather suit. It also incorporates TF3 armour for crash protection.

The Transit 2 costs $1,784 US at Aerostich’s website. The jacket is $987 if bought individually, and the pants are $897. It’s available in short, regular and long sizes.

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