Castrol Rocket run delayed again

Triumph was hoping their Rocket III-powered land speed racer would hit the 400 mph record this year, but that dream is going to wait until 2015.

The bike’s team had originally planned to run the Castrol Rocket during the Bonneville Shootout early in September, but weather screwed that plan up. The Shootout was rescheduled for October 5-10 and the Castrol Rocket was supposed to run the.

That plan is now kaput, thanks to weather, again. It’s been raining heavily on the salt flats, and that’s made the racing conditions highly unsuitable.

“We are disappointed, but the weather pattern and the track conditions are obviously beyond our control,” said Matt Sheahan, a bigwig for Triumph’s American arm. “Our team has made great progress in the past 13 months since first taking the Triumph Castrol Rocket to the Salt last August. We now turn our efforts to making further refinements to the machine, and hope to get back on the Bonneville International Speedway in 2015.”

The Castrol Rocket will be on display at various motorcycle shows and industry events in the coming months.

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