The Freeride lives

KTM has finally gotten around to unveiling their revised Freeride electric motorcycle, and it comes in three tasty flavours.

The KTM Freeride E-XS is similar to the original version we’ve been seeing in spy shots for the last few years – it’s a battery bike for the dirt. Then, there’s a version with lights, the Freeride E-XC – this is their dual sport version. Then, they’ve also unveiled a supermoto version, the E-SM.

The bikes make around 22 hp from their electric motors, and have a max torque output of 31 ft-lb. They weigh 110 kg, and recharge 80 per cent in 50 minutes. Word on the street is, these bikes ship with two battery packs, letting you recharge one while you hoon around on the second. That could be rumour, though.

Will these bikes make it to North America? Maybe, but at the glacial pace KTM sends new models over here, you might be waiting a while. And, they won’t be cheap.


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  1. […] Yamaha claims their PED1 and PES concepts will make it to market in some form in the future, and KTM has released the electric Freeride bikes, and BMW has their battery-powered maxi-scooter, the C Evolution. However, no Japanese manufacturer has an electric motorcycle in the lineup right now – even Harley-Davidson has made a bigger splash in that market, with their Livewire concept bike. […]

  2. So is that the rear brake where the clutch normally is? I wouldn’t buy it for that reason alone.
    Unless this is the only bike you’d ever ride again, I wouldn’t want to have to get used to that every time I swapped bikes.
    Could you imagine trying to drive a car with the clutch and brake reversed?
    If company’s want to sell e-bikes to bikers they need to do what brammo is doing… “If it looks like a clutch, it should work like a clutch” same goes for the gear pedal 😉

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