New adventure-ready V-Strom 650 confirmed

Suzuki V-Strom 650XT

Suzuki has confirmed the rumours of a new, adventure-ready version of the V-Strom 650 and released the bike at Intermot.

This is your basic 650 Strom with one key difference: The 19-inch front wheel and 17-inch rear wheel are spoked, instead of the cast rims that come on standard Stroms. That makes this bike much more able off-road.

Hrmm … wonder where they got that idea? Maybe from the CMG V-Strom project bike? You can read about our experiences with this sort of project here.

Along with the new hoops (supposedly designed to accomodate tubeless tires), there’s restyled bodywork, with the ever-popular “adventure beak.” Suzuki threw that feature on the revised V-Strom 1000 last year, saying they originated the style when they built the old-school DR Big back in the 1980s.

Naturally, the Strom also has a long list of accessories available – aluminum luggage, crash bars, etc. These seem to be the same bits that are available for the standard Strom, as it’s essentially the same machine except for wire wheels and some bodywork.


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    • In respone to the “yawners” out there, yeah . . . I can almost see your point. Almost. As a rider with over 40 years of riding under my ass, my experience tells me the ‘Strom gets the job done. So, if the job is going to the store for milk, yep the ‘Strom is a yawner. But I’ve used my ‘Strom’s to bring me through the forests and o’er the deserts, even a bit of jungle. Mostly, my ‘Stroms have reliably allowed me to ride over sixty thousand km’s of fire roads, ATV trails, gravel and dirt roads plus well over another sixty thousand km’s of country roads across America to the tundra in Canada to remote locations in Mexico. All of that with half the cost of my Beemer, upon which I did as much riding. Nope. For me the ‘Storm isn’t what makes one yawn, it’s what a rider does with the machine that really matters. Oh yeah, in Febuary I’m off to Central America again via Texas and Mexico on my Wee for a few months – you’ll be able to follow my wide awake smiles on my site: Just Another ‘Strom Rider.

  1. My (not so humble) opinion, I’d be very disappointed if the only changes to the new ‘Strom are the wheels and the silly beak. Suzuki does not appear to be listening to the ‘Strom Troopers!

    What’s wanted (not so much needed) is switchable ABS, heftier suspension, louder horn, brilliant running lights, better (more adjustable) handle bar, standard heated grips, higher front fender, as well as more OEM options for exhaust system, seat height and luggage. Production wise, most of these things would cost pennies. Marketing wise, the features would be very cost effective and would certainly nurture brand loyalty.

    Regardless as to the above, what I think Suzuki is doing right is positioning the V-Strom line-up as the best choice for most riders interested in this type of bike. There’s absolutely no question that some of the the the BMW’s and all of the the KTM’s are much better bikes. However, there’s also absolutely no question that those bikes aren’t better for most riders! For the the vast majority of us, the V-Strom wins – hands down!

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