Fundy Adventure Rally – Canadian Motorcycle Rider

Yesterday we had Mark Richardson’s write-up of the Fundy Adventure Rally. Today  Dan McAfee of  tells of his day riding the trails and mud holes around Fundy National Park.

Dan entered the rally with  pretty limited off-road experience, no idea how to operate a GPS and a new-to-him BMW F800GS. What could go wrong? 🙂 Thankfully not too much, but Dan’s a fine example of the relative dirt novice that the rally was trying to attract by offering a simpler 500 km base loop (as well as a more gnarly loop for the more experienced).

Read his day of adventure here.


  1. Dan here – Thanks for posting the article and hosting such a great event.

    Now I have to start saving up for a BMW F800 GS! And perhaps a GPS 🙂

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