Trailer: On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter

The official trailer for Dana Brown’s latest motorcycle movie has been released.

If you don’t love the classic 1970’s motorcycle film On Any Sunday, you’re probably a Grinch. Following racers and other motorcycle aficionados around the USA during the country’s two-wheeled glory days, the movie shows what riding used to be, and what it should be. That movie was filmed by Bruce Brown, Dana Brown’s father.

Now, decades later, Dana Brown is revisiting the theme of motorcycling. His film Dust To Glory had plenty of two-wheeled action, but with a few trophy trucks and other cages mixed in. His new film is pure motorcycling, as you can see from the trailer below.

On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter will be in US theatres on Nov. 7, but we haven’t heard anything about Canadian dates. Find out more details here.

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