The Cage Cometh

It’s been a couple years since we first saw Yamaha’s Moto Cage-6 factory stunt bike concept, but it seems they haven’t forgotten the idea, with the announcement of their new Moto Cage version of the FZ-07.

The idea behind the original Cage-6 concept bike was simple: Take a standard motorcycle and turn it into a ready-to-rock stunter by bolting on upgraded handguards and engine roll bars.

That’s the path they took with the FZ-07 Moto Cage (which they’re calling the MT-07 Moto Cage, since that’s the European designation for these models). The engine has crash bars, the handlebars have knuckle protectors and there are some odd paint choices (mismatched wheels!).

There’s also an adjustable flyscreen and a few other differences from the standard model. It’s supposed to be available in the EU this fall, but there’s no word yet on North American availability.

Will this bike really become a stunt classic? Whether or not most riders use theirs as a wheelie monster, that’s certainly the image Yamaha is going for, even hiring Stunter13 to shoot their promo video below.


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