Moto Guzzi announces V7 II

Moto Guzzi is updating their V7 lineup.

Guzzi’s best-known for the mid-sized transverse V-twin bikes, but they tweaked them much in the past couple years. Now, the V7 II lineup gets a few key upgrades.

The V7 II gets dual-channel ABS in 2015, along with traction control. The motor has a six-speed gearbox, and the clutch has been tweaked as well.

It sounds as if the 744 cc motor is basically the same aside from the driveline changes, but it’s been tilted a bit forward and lowered by 10 mm; this is supposed to make for more kneeroom.

Seat height has also been lowered 25 mm, and the rider’s footpegs also sit 25 mm lower. That’s a move you’d expect from Harley-Davidson; since it works so well for them, maybe Moto Guzzi’s also decided lower is better.

There will be three V7 models available, like before: A V7 II Stone (in matte colours), a V7 II Special (upscale model, in three colours) and V7 II Racer (cafe racer, with chrome tank).


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