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For sale

Want some laughs? Go take a spin through Kijiji’s motorcycle ads, and read the sellers’ descriptions of their motorcycles. Did you know a Honda Shadow 500 from the mid-’80s was a rare model, which means the seller can’t help themselves, they have to raise the price? That sort of hogwash is pretty common with overly optimistic online salesmen.

An Australian man has taken a somewhat different stance, though. Apparently, this unlucky character was given an ultimatum by his wife: It was time to sell the motorcycle, and some other toys. Reluctantly, he set about the task on local sales site Gumtree. Except, he’s hardly anxious to sell. Here are some excerpts from his ad for a 2004 Yamaha:

“‘It’s a piece of crap – probably won’t run even if you push it. Willing to negotiate the price within two cents of the listed price to be fair and to allow the bike a good chance of selling, as per wife’s instructions.”

“I will most likely have it painted in acrylic poo brown and pink for inspection.”

“I have to allow inspection of the bike prior to sale so I will right after I have the gigantic dog turd I left on the seat cursed by a voodoo spiritual expert.”

“It says 10,300 kilometres on the clock but its the 12th one I have put on it so it’s more like 1.5 million kilometres it has done now. “

“It’s a piece of crap probably won’t run even if you push it, wheels may fall off upon first ride, has no petrol so you can get stuffed and get your own, very dirty don’t like it clean it yourself!”

We’re guessing he’ll be able to hang on to his bike for a little while longer.

Source: The Hornet

Talk ticket

The officers inside this cruiser incurred a Montreal man's wrath. Photo: Michael Reilley
The officers inside this cruiser incurred a Montreal man’s wrath. Photo: Michael Reilley

Ever see a police officer speed, or commit some other traffic infraction, without any apparent urgency (no flashing lights)?

Michael Reilley of Montreal did, and he wasn’t happy. He was driving through the city recently when he spotted a cop car make a left-hand turn onto a street where left turns weren’t allowed during that time of day. He wasn’t very happy about it, so he made chase.

Following the cop car, Reilley managed to get them to pull over by flashing his lights. When the cops came back to see what was the matter, Reilley informed them of their traffic transgression.

What was Reilley expecting? Repentance? Humility? A tearful apology? If so, he was sadly disappointed, because the only result of his civic-mindedness was a $162 fine for using his horn unnecessarily. We’re guessing that left him really honked off.

Source: CBC

Wheels up

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could get your scooter to wheelie? Sure, but what about that rubber-band powerband? No  worries – just stack some extra weight over the rear wheel, in the form of a passenger, and you can get that front wheel to come up, and look super cool.

While we’re on the subject of scooter fails – it’s hard to think of another vehicle that would be easier to ride than a scooter. Sit, twist, go. But it seems from the following videos that the basic concepts of scooter riding are still tricky for many.


"Sorry, kid - you're never getting your motorcycle back."
“Sorry, kid – you’re never getting your motorcycle back.”

Ah, love. Some people will do anything to stay in touch with their ex, but one Thai teen paid the ultimate price for not letting go. No, his former gal pal didn’t kill him – she took his motorcycle.

This kid apparently ended up lending his Honda to his former fling – maybe he figured it would earn him brownie points. Alas, that dream evaporated when the girl and her friend who’d ridden off on the bike never got around to returning it. In vain, he plead for his two-wheeler’s return on Facebook.

Instead of relenting and returning his bike, the two girls instead sent him a photo of an M16 rifle, telling him they’d use the machine gun on him if he went to the police. Okayyyyyyyyyyyy … he did end up going to the cops anyway, in the end. There’s no word as to whether the cycle has been returned; he’s probably too busy looking to borrow a bulletproof vest to update the press on the story.

Source: Pattaya Mail

Revenge of the air pods

Emgo air pods: They’re loved by people who want a cool-looking cafe racer, and hated by people who have actually installed them, then spent hours chasing their air/fuel mix, to no avail. Here’s Ichiban’s take on them …

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