Stolen Motorcycle Cannonball bikes found

Photo: Facebook

Yesterday, we told you about a trailer-load of bikes stolen from the Motorcycle Cannonball. Now, we’re telling you those bikes have been recovered.

Details are a bit thin, but it seems the publicity blitz after the theft of the bikes and support vehicles worked. Somebody spotted the trailer in the port of Tacoma, about to be shipped overseas (one news source has reported the trailer was in Seattle’s SODO district).

The thieves had gone to the trouble of spray-painting over the trailer’s logo, but the man who found it quickly ascertained the bikes were inside and called one of the Cannonball participants; shortly after, the bikes were back where they belonged.

The bikes were inside, although tools, a few parts and a parts bike were missing. The crooks also took riding gear and other odds and ends, including the truck’s owner’s manual. Judging by the look of things, the Cannonball riders were very fortunate to recover their motorcycles before they were loaded on a boat. It’s a bummer that they had their tools and parts cleaned out, but that stuff is easier to replace than a vintage motorcycle.

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