Another day, another Kawasaki H2 video

The H2 is currently being teased with full info disclosed hopefully by 2019

And here’s another video of Kawasaki’s H2 superbike, revving its brains out.

There’s what appears to be a 4-1 exhaust, and a redline that seems astronomical. The bike is supposed to be unveiled next week, so if you’re wondering about horsepower or rpm limits, we’ll know then.


  1. I hear that Kawasaki Heavy Industries is about to patent a new marketing technique: They get FREE advertising by releasing “teaser videos” that run on motorcycle news sites. Just think: Why should KHI bother paying for advertising when every motorcycle online publication will cheerfully run their ads as “news” items for no cost?

    IMNHO, ALL online motorcycle news sites should tell KHI to stick their “teaser” video advertisements where the sun doesn’t shine. Either show us the bike or GTFO.

    Bah! Humbug!!

  2. Unless this new H2 is a two-stroke triple, I’m not interested. Enough with the sneak previews already – let the turkey out of the bag.

    • One of my cousins (actually, the guy who gave me my first bike) bought a 1986?? BMW K75 for a song (only 3,000 kms on the clock) for dirt cheap because a previous owner decided he would hot-rod the fuel pump. It ran like crap as a result. It sat for almost two decades in Japan, of all places. He bought it almost new for $3000ish, replaced the fuel pump, and put tens of thousands of trouble free klicks on it.

  3. Tonight at the convenience store, I saw a Young Machine rag claiming a stupendous (and rather overstated, I suspect) 300 PS. I didn’t buy the issue, so I have no further information. I guess we’ll know soon enough whether Kawasaki has decided to go absolutely loony toons.

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