Videos: Supermoto Thursday

In case you thought that TW200 video published earlier was too slow and lame for your liking …

Know what the world in general, and particularly North America, needs? It needs more supermotos. Here are some videos to show you why.

How to use a Supermoto

Say it’s your birthday, and your significant other has given you a supermoto. Lucky you! But what do you do with the machine?

Luckily for you, the chaps at Naughty Supermoto have put together a few clips that clear up any confusion as to a supermoto’s intended usage. Wheelie on, friends, wheelie on.

Responsible use

Of course, supermotos were originally designed to be used on a track. Didja know, in some parts of the world, they actually have supermoto series? It’s hard to believe that there are places on the globe that can not only support superbike racing, but other kinds of racing as well. A North American fan can only dream … Here’s some action from France.

And here’s some action from the Swiss.

And the Brits …

And, some users are out there on  the street without an emphasis on wheelies or other hooliganism. Here’s a great clip of the famous Stelvio Pass on a su-mo.

Irresponsible use

But, the thing about supermotos is, as you saw from the opening vid, they tend to encourage anti-social unsafe fun. The sort of anti-social fun that gets the cops interested – even if the cop is only driving a forklift. Trouble is, it’s often accompanied by an annoying soundtrack.


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