Video: TW200 escape

Sometimes, you don’t need 120 hp, traction control and electronically adjustable suspension to have an adventure.

Sometimes, you can have fun without power slides, burnouts and wheelies.

Sometimes, all you need is a 200 cc carbureted engine designed in the ’80s, some really chunky tires, and a good idea of where to point the bike. Like, say, the top of the world – or at least, the continent.


  1. It’s definitely a BW, not a TW. You can tell by the louvered cuts in the front fender, if the enormously fat wheels weren’t obvious enough.

    • At the 2:13 mark he says it’s a 2007 TW200. At the 1:46 mark, he says it has “Z Forks and Front Wheel.”

      Like I said – modified TW200.

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