Schuberth C3 Pro update: Liner swap

CMG readers may or may not remember my Schuberth C3 Pro review from last year. Those who remember might also remember I liked the helmet a lot, but it was just a tad big (I got an XL).

Of course, I’d gone to the XL because the L was too small – I figured I was just going to have to deal with the sloppy fit, or stop wearing the lid. Then, I heard about the “half size” liner.

From what I read on the Interwebz, some users had taken to putting the regular L C3 liner into the XL C3 Pro helmet. They weren’t necessarily intended to work together, but they fit fine, and offer a tighter fit than the stock XL liner. Intrigued, I ordered one.

Tighten up

As user reports suggested, the mismatched liner fit the helmet just fine, and did tighten the fit – not much, just enough. While the helmet had just the tiniest bit of play with the original liner, the new liner removed it. I was able to put in long days with the revised skid lid with no back-and-forth play.

The standard large C3 liner easily fits into the extra-large  C3 Pro shell.
The standard large C3 liner easily fits into the extra-large C3 Pro shell.

Is this a good mod for users who want to customize their XL C3 Pro’s fit? It certainly did the trick for me, but your mileage may vary.

While the liner fit the inside of the helmet well, I did find it would create a pressure point at front of my head sometimes. I imagine this is because the liner wasn’t specifically designed for this helmet.

The C3 Pro has many tweaks when compared to the original C3; most aren’t major, but those cumulative changes might mean you won’t find the new liner as comfortable as the original, despite the better fit.

However – if you’ve got a C3 Pro in size XL and you find the fit isn’t working for you, I’d recommend trying it; if nothing else, maybe you can borrow a C3 liner from a friend to see if it works. It can take an expensive helmet and make it work much better for you – it did for me.

There are several other possibilities available by mixing and matching liners and cheek pads as well; some users are turning M helmets into L, and there are other custom fits made do-able if you’re willing to invest the money into buying the parts.

Also remember – this is modifying the helmet from its original design, and may make it more dangerous. It’s possible that somehow this could make your head explode, or cause your children to be born without hair. If you somehow manage to ruin your life as a result, don’t come whining to us. You know what they say about taking free advice off the Internet.


  1. Thank you, Zac. I am having the same issue with the XL Schubert. The L too tight, the XL too loose. I appreciate your advice. One question: If the C3 L liner works, would would the C3 Pro L liner not work? It would seem the logical thing to try.

    • I’m not sure;call Schuberth customer service, and they might be able to help. It’s been a while since I did this, and I don’t remember what they said at that time.

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