Coming attractions: More Yamaha FJ-09, Kawasaki H2 gossip

Ah, the California Air Resources Board. Not only are they keeping the atmosphere smog-free for our good friends in the Golden State, they’re also an invaluable source of information on impending new models – in this case, Yamaha’s FJ-09.

Documents filed with CARB show Yamaha is planning to bring the FJ-09 to the USA. We’ve known for a while that this bike (presumably, a touring version of the FZ-09) is coming to North America, but this news shows it’s likely just around the corner.

According to Asphalt and Rubber, the documents show the FJ-09 has different emissions output from the FZ-09, which hints to engine tuning changes.

Meanwhile, Kawasaki continues to promote their upcoming Ninja H2. They recently released another video (you can see it here) which seems to try to establish a connection with their parent company’s years of developing motors. Apparently, the new bike will bear the “river emblem” historically associated with Kawasaki Heavy Industries. Hardly exciting news, but it shows the company is really trying to showcase their technical expertise with this machine.

Finally – Husqvarna has been pretty quiet since their acquisition by KTM CEO Stefan Pierer, but they finally seem to have scraped together a marketing budget. Check out the video below that shows off their 2015 FS450 supermoto – just thing thing for the jaded squid, who’s tired of replacing sportbike plastic.


  1. The aero engine in the Kawasaki historical video looks like a copy of a Continental opposed-6 series. Someone probably forgot their history, or is not informed.

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