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Mad museum

Some things are just too awesome to be denied their own museum. The Mad Max movies certainly qualify under that rule, and yes, they now have their own museum. Or, more specifically, Mad Max 2, a.k.a. The Road Warrior, has its own museum (although that movie had nowhere near as many crazed bikers as the first film, it still has some motorcycle action).

The museum is operated in Australia by Adrian Bennett, originally from the UK. Bennett moved down under in 2006; his obsession with the post-apocalyptic film led him to open the museum in 2010. Since then, he’s amassed a huge quantity of memorabilia from the film. And hey, let’s face it – it’d be pretty easy to re-create a lot of the props. Just run down to Value Village, rummage around in the discarded sporting goods section, add some antisocial logos and a crossbow, and you’d have the basic outfit for most of the outlaws of the films.

Of course, there’s a new Mad Max film coming soon, starring Tom Hardy in the iconic role. You can see the trailer below, if you haven’t already. It seems there are a few bike-borne baddies knocking around in this one, too, but the emphasis will be on ratted-out dune buggies, muscle cars and the like. If you need a reminder of the bikies in the first movie, we’ve got the trailer for that here as well …

RNs on Wheels

nurseWhat goes into a nurse’s education? Here in North America, they do what you’d expect – classes on anatomy, medication, psychology, communication, and clinical experience.

In Ghana, they take things a bit farther. Because nurses there often need to reach patients far in the bush, at least one school is requiring its community health nursing students to take motorcycle riding lessons. The riding course is five days long; presumably, students are taught such useful skills as the basics of packing four or five passengers aboard a bike, as that seems to be the norm in a lot of developing countries. Unless, of course, the nurse has too many medical supplies packed and there’s no room left.

Source: Spyghana

Winning moves

Ah, the celebratory wheelie, pulled after winning a race – a staple of track action. It’s not usually followed by a crash due to a “gust of wind,” though.

Dog vs muffler

Straight pipes may save lives, but what does a stock exhaust do for a dog?

Ronald McWheelie

There are probably better things to practice wheelies with than your McDonalds delivery bike.

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