Video: Ride the Erzbergrodeo with Jonny Walker

Enduro racing isn’t for the faint-hearted, particularly if you’re talking about the Erzbergrodeo, one of Europe’s best-known events. This YouTube video of Jonny Walker’s winning run at the 2014 event shows just how tricky the event is.

Walker took first place at Erzberg this year with a 1:37:38 time; defending champ Graham Jarvis managed a 1:50:50 time behind him and Andreas Lettenbichler was third at 1:53:01.

When you watch the video, note that not only is the terrain itself treacherous (it’s held at the Steirische Erzberg iron ore mine), but there are plenty of spectators milling about the course. That might seem hazardous, but there’s times racers wouldn’t be able to overcome obstacles without their help.


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