Custom seats available with Airhawk technology

Riders looking for a comfortable, sharp-looking seat have another option available, thanks to Danny Gray’s new Airhawk-integrated seats.

Longtime CMG readers might recall our own experience with the Airhawk Cruiser R; it served very well for long days in the saddle for both adventure bikes and cruisers. Of course, the trouble with the Airhawk is that while it offers plenty of comfort, it ain’t exactly stylish, and if the under-seat straps rip, you might lose your seat.

The new AirHawk Weekday, AirHawk Long Haul and AirHawk Bigseat seats from Danny Gray look like a standard seat, instead of a pad; the Airhawk slips inside the motorcycle seat. From photos, the end result looks like it isn’t all lumpy-looking, like you might expect. In the photo above, note the air fill holes on the side of the seat.

The Airhawk seats aren’t cheap (for instance, the AirHawk Weekday 2-Up XL seat starts at $567 on Revzilla). However, the Airhawk seat really makes long-distance mileage much easier, and if you’ve got a compatible Yamaha, Honda or Harley-Davidson (the seats are matched to specific models), this could be your ticket to all-day comfort.

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