Fully faired Suzuki GW250 is coming: Rumour


Suzuki’s GW250 is proving to be a decent bike (CMG’s own Mr. Seck is mucho happy with his tester this year!), but what if you want a fairing? Some Internet digging seems to indicate Suzuki is working on that idea.

Web gossip is claiming Suzuki is launching a fully-faired GW250 variant in Japan as a 2015 model. According to the whispers, the machine is the same as the naked bike version, except for the added plastic and the extra weight it brings (supposedly wet weight climbs 6 kg to 189 kg – a bit hefty for a 250).

But wait, you say – haven’t we seen this bike before? Yeah, sort of. Suzuki built a half-faired version of the GW250 already, and this bike uses much of the same bodywork, it seems. There have also been variants with full hard luggage spotted as well, seeming to indicate Suzuki has big plans for this platform.


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  1. As of Oct 5th there is still no word of the upcoming 2015 GW250 or GW250F on the Suzuki Canada website. (Although both models are indeed listed on the USA site) This has me a little worried that we may not see these bikes arrive in Canada. I have tried contacting Suzuki Canada to ask about this, to no avail.

  2. It’s certainly not a rumour in Japan; the bike is already officially announced as the GSR250F. As with the GSR250S (the half-faired bike), the upper fairing is vaguely reminiscent of any number of robotic Japanese superheroes. (I think this is possibly the ugliest bike Suzuki has ever produced. IMO, YMMV and all that.)

    So, the question is whether Suzuki Canada will bring it in as a rebadged GW.

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