Video: More H2 teasers

Kawasaki’s quite anxious for us to pay attention to their new H2 superbike, with yet another video released this morning promoting the machine.

This video clip promotes the H2 as being the latest in a long line of Kawi superbikes that were performance leaders. They also had another video clip last weekend promoting the company’s technological prowess. Apparently, they want us to take this new machine pretty seriously – in the same vein as past successes.

They’ve got another clip coming in a few days, but we doubt it’ll reveal too much information – they seem to be high on hype, but low on details.


  1. Oh give me a break already! When will these manufactures figure out that the average joe can hardly afford to insure the sport bikes we have now on the road. If they would look at the trends of the 24 to 35 year olds they are mostly going to rebuilding the old 70’s and 80’s bikes cause they can’t afford to do anything else and they can make it their own bike!

    • I understand what you’re saying, yet there is a lot of whining from the peanut gallery that the manufacturers aren’t doing enough to move technology forward. I think money talks, though.

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