Today, the Motorcycle Cannonball starts

Today, the 2014 Motorcycle Cannonball starts in Daytona, Florida, and will run across the US on a 3,938-mile trek to Puget Sound, Washington in 16 days (with one rest day en route).

That’s no walk in the park, but of course, the Cannonball is extra-hard because participants are running it on motorcycles built before 1936. Or rather, the motor must be made in 1936 or earlier, and must run the original carbs (there’s some leeway on other parts – organizers highly recommend upgrading brakes).

This year, riders are on a motley assortment of machines, including a host of vintage Harley-Davidsons, Hendersons, Indians, and other marques you might have never heard of (Neracar, anyone? Sokol?).

Riders have come from all over the world for the event, from South Africa, Italy, Great Britain, Poland and other farflung corners of the world. Three Canadians are participating this year – Byrne Bramwell on a 1929 Henderson KJ, Scott Blaylock on a 1928 BMW R62 and Robb Priske on a 1932 Harley-Davidson V.

For day-to-day updates, keep an eye on the Cannonball’s Facebook page.


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