GS Trophy starts this weekend in Alberta

The Fundy Adventure Rally isn’t the only big off-road event this weekend. BMW’s GS Trophy also starts this weekend in Alberta, running Sept. 6-14.

The GS Trophy is a test of off-road skills, mental and physical toughness, teamwork and more. This year, 64 riders on 16 teams have converged on Alberta for the event; they’ll be riding R 1200 GS machines through the Alberta and B.C. Rockies for the next few days, covering 2,000 km.

As well as the usual stuff for the riders (obstacles courses, off-road challenges), there’s also a chance for non-participants to get involved. As part of the challenge, riders must take photos of their adventures on Day Two and Day Four. These snaps are then uploaded to the GS Trophy website for 24 hours on Sept. 9 and 24 hours on Sept. 11, and fans can vote for their favourites. Teams are then awarded points for these votes.

Want more details about the contest? You can find more information on BMW’s GS Trophy website here.


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