Honda launches 40th anniversary Gold Wing F6B

Honda has announced the release of a 40th anniversary edition Gold Wing F6B, with a couple upgrades from last year’s introductory model.

When the stripped-down F6B bagger was introduced last year, it came without cruise control or a reverse gear – options that were standard on the standard Gold Wing. The 40th anniversary Gold Wing F6B (a 2015 model) was announced today, with both those options included.

As for the rest of the bike – it’s pretty similar to last year’s model. There’s a new matte silver paint scheme and some commemorative emblems, but it doesn’t really look any different.

For now, the 40th anniversary model has only been announced for Europe; we have no indication as to whether it will make it to Canada; if it does get here, the paint may be different.


  1. Hi, are you sure the Canadian models come with reverse gear?
    Because US models don’t get reverse in 2015.
    If it comes with cruise and reverse, I’m a buyer!

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