Progressive to build 970 Series shocks for V-Rod

Progressive Suspension’s shocks have a reputation for doing a lot to upgrade your bike’s handling. Now you can get their 970 Series shocks for your V-Rod.

Progressive says the piggyback shocks were “Inspired by racers, riders and guys that demand more of their bikes than weekend coffee runs.” Of course, most of those coffee shop cowboys aren’t riding V-Rods in the first place. In any case, the new suspenders will set you back about $1,200 US.

The 970 shocks are adjustable for compression damping (done through a knob on the shock). The shocks are also adjustable for preload through threaded adjusters. They’re available in 12.5- and 13-inch lengths, with black or bronze anodizing, for 2007-2014 V-Rods. Find out more at their website here.

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