World Superbike: Bimota’s out, and schedule won’t see additions


Bimota has been booted from World Superbike after the manufacturer failed to meet homologation rules for their BB3.

To participate in World Superbike, manufacturers have to actually build a certain number of motorcycles, not just create a handful of race bikes. Bimota was supposed to build 125 BB3 motorcycles to race this year (they’d already got special permission to race in the EVO class on their bike before meeting homologation, but they couldn’t count any points they earned). But, they weren’t able to meet that quote, and they aren’t allowed to race in the series.

If Bimota reaches their 125-bike quote, they’ll be allowed to re-enter competition. To stay in competition, they must have produced 250 bikes by the end of the first year, and 1,000 bikes by the end of the second year.

Meanwhile – we already told you the WSB brain trust had stated the South African round would not be replaced, but that teams might see some other form of compensation, as the fewer points available would potentially change where racers finished in the standings.

That’s not going to happen now. Apparently, the series management and the teams weren’t able to work out a deal that kept everyone happy, so now there will be no extra points.


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