Toronto city council votes to fight loud pipes


The city of Toronto is going to do something about noisy motorcycles. Or at least, their city council voted to try to do something.

As we told you Monday, councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam introduced a motion at this week’s council meeting that asked city council to find a way to deal with noisy motorcycles. Her plan was two-fold: First, she wanted the city’s Municipal Licensing and Standards department to address the problem. Second, she wanted the province to make sure their Section 195 of the Highway Traffic Act was protecting people from excessive vehicle noise.

City council voted to pass the motion, 34-5. The only holdouts were Karen Stintz, James Pasternak, Anthony Peruzza, Janet Davis and (predictably) Rob Ford.

Apparently, Peruzza (who rides) was pretty sure that loud pipes saved lives, and said something to that effect in the meeting.

So, stay tuned to the battle bulletins from Toronto. We’re sure that, in coming weeks, we’ll see lots of complaining from the city’s riders, and maybe even an open-pipes rally at city hall. Just think of all the lives that will be spared …


  1. This kind of thing is inevitable considering how some of us behave.
    .Bikes with wide open pipes and riders winding bikes up to redline between lights on Yonge street may seem cool to the 4 year old living inside many riders but not so much to people on the street who don’t share our passion.
    “Loud Pipes Save lives” BS and “If it’s too loud Too Bad ” attitudes are so counter productive.

    Btw the city NEEDS garbage and recycling trucks.

    Riding is privilege not a right and certainly not a need for a majority of people no matter how much those of us who do ride “need” to.

    As much as the council should not be wasting time with this crap, they will as long as they can use this kind of thing to distract the voters from the real issues.

  2. Shouldn’t you then also crack down on loud cars? Maybe put a ban on lamborghini’s, ferrari’s, maserati’s while you’re at it. Are you kidding noise pollution is the least of this cities concern. Stop wasting tax payers money on the little things and trying to save your job. Start looking at the big picture. Instead of wasting your time in a room voting and allocating resources to a pointless cause, use your energy on say… affordable housing for those that can’t? Seriously? Noise?

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