Jodi Christie tries flat track


Photo: Colin Fraser

Fresh off his first Pro Superbike title in the Canadian Superbike championship, Jodi Christie has taken on a new challenge. Last Saturday, he made an appearance at the London Half Mile, and did pretty well.

Christie borrowed a Honda CRF450 DTX  that belongs to Flat Track Canada promoter Aaron Hesmer and first got some practice on the Paris Short Track on Friday. On Saturday, he showed up at the London event put on by Flat Track Canada, along with fellow CSBK racers Kenny Riedmann (current Pro Sport Bike champ, who’s raced flat track before) and Ross Millson.

Apparently, Riedmann and Christie both did well enough in qualifying to start from the front row in the Novice DTX final event, with Christie getting a third and Riedmann finishing fifth. Millson was 11th. Tyler Brown won.

In the Novice Open event, Christie improved to second overall, Riedmann was sixth and Millson finished 14th. Brown, again, was the winner.

““This was really great,” Christie said when it was all over. “I was really surprised and happy to put it on the box in both my classes.”

“The track changed as the night progressed. As things changed, I got more and more comfortable.  Really, my only issue is that I was down a little bit on top speed I was trying different lines, trying to see what would work for me, looking at what everyone else was trying … I would definitely do some more flat tracking if I get the chance, and my schedule allowed it.”

Christie was full of thank-yous for the folks who helped him get equipped for the races, including Doug Beattie and Steve Ball, along with Hesmer.

In the Expert class, Steve Beattie took the win.

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